Smart Buildings and Infrastructure

A critical mission of the Federal Government is to ensure that our nation’s buildings, other infrastructure, operations, and citizens, are safe, secure and energy-efficient. Siemens is helping to upgrade and modernize our nation’s infrastructure for the 21st century so that our government can drive operational effectiveness, deliver missions and results and serve our citizens. We are a world leader in green technologies and LEED-specific solutions. We are leveraging our global and commercial experience to help Federal customers reach their net-zero energy goals for their buildings mandated in Executive Order 13514.

Siemens is the world market leader for safe, reliable and energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure. Our totally-integrated portfolio allows us to help manage building automation, fire safety, security, air quality and power distribution and management for Federal facilities. Siemens’ comprehensive range of building automation systems includes energy management controls system, lighting controls, intrusion detection systems and HVAC products. These are optimally integrated so the Federal Government benefits not only from minimized installation and operating costs, but also from a high level of security against failure. We support a wide range of applications, including labs, hospitals, data centers, commercial buildings, hangars, residences, shipboard and industrial areas.

In support of both new construction and renovation, Siemens is a leading global supplier of products, systems, solutions and services for the distribution of electrical power. We deliver efficient, safe and reliable power, spanning the low- and medium-voltage distribution level. Our Gas Insulated Switchgear is a standard in new mission-critical facility construction.

Siemens is continually developing new, intelligent mobility solutions that increase the availability of infrastructure, optimize throughput and improve safety and user experience. We electrify, automate and digitalize infrastructure and we are setting the benchmark for tomorrow’s mobility - today. Our solutions help the Federal Government accelerate change so it can modernize quickly and improve its mobility services by adopting the latest commercial market solutions. This helps avoid the risks associated with developing customized solutions that can quickly become obsolete.

SiMobility Connect intelligently networks transportation users, mobility service providers and traffic management. We can adapt our commercial experience to give U.S. Government or military managers more precise information about logistics supply chain bottlenecks, suggest alternate routes or delivery methodologies to improve military fast-to-battlefield efficiency or help optimize transport from an economical or geopolitical perspective.

Our energy-efficient building technologies offer up to 40% energy savings with Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs). These privately financed performance guarantees deliver energy savings and technologies to Federal agencies with no funding from the taxpayer.

Our Smart Buildings and Infrastructure Products and Services include:

  • Building Automation Systems
  • Fire, Safety and Security Systems
  • Demand Flow
  • Reuse technologies
  • Medium-voltage products and services: switchgear, circuit breakers, feeder automation, protection, voltage regulation
  • Low-voltage products and services: switchgear, switchboards, busbar trunking, distribution boards, measuring devices, circuit breakers and disconnect switches, circuit protection, switches, socket outlets
  • Smart grid infrastructure
  • Rail offerings from locomotives to rail electrification
  • Transportation

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