Renewable and Secure Energy

Our Federal customers are making great progress in achieving energy security and sustainability. They are reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, controlling costs, moving to more renewable forms of energy and complying with Federal agency goals and directives.

Siemens is the world’s leading provider of comprehensive solutions along the entire energy conversion chain. Our products and services provide one-third of America’s total daily energy needs. Our energy management systems help to ensure the continuous reliability of one-third of America’s transmission grid. We are at the forefront of technology innovation in renewable and secure energy and are uniquely capable to help the Federal Government improve energy consumption, reduce associated costs and strengthen our nation’s energy security and sustainability.

We serve our Federal customers through many contract types, funded and privately financed. We are an industry leading energy service company (ESCO) and have been awarded numerous Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), privately financed performance guarantees, to deliver energy savings and technologies with no funding from the taxpayer. Other privately-financed agreements through which we serve our Federal customers include Utility Energy Services Contracts, Power Purchase Agreements, and Enhanced Use Leases.

Power Generation

We help our Federal customers strengthen their overall resiliency and energy assurance and develop the capability to generate reliable and efficient electrical power, and transmit and distribute this power intelligently. The growth of renewable energy, CHP and engine-based technologies and the development of smaller scale storage solutions, coupled with distributed control systems, enable the installation of renewable energy systems and their coupling with batteries for storage. This gives them cleaner and long-term lower cost energy security solutions.

  • Distributed Generation (DG): Power generation sources to support this include wind, turbines, engines and solar.
  • Combined / Integrated heat and power (CHP/IHP) as a variant of DG: To enhance the efficiency of fuel use and to provide local power supply and income for operators.
  • Wind Power: Siemens is a leading supplier of onshore and offshore wind power solutions. With more than 13,000 functioning wind turbines around the globe, our innovative, reliable solutions provide low-cost energy for our Federal customers. Siemens designed and implemented the Federal Government’s largest wind farm at the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (Department of Energy) Pantex Plant in Texas.
  • Solar Power/ Photovoltaic: Siemens is a one-stop supplier for all key components of solar power plants. Our team has performed numerous turn-key installations of solar photovoltaic solutions to support required energy conservation measure at Federal facilities. We won the 2014 U.S. Secretary of Army’s award for renewable energy by powering the Army’s solar array at the White Sands Missile Range.
  • Distributed Storage (DS): These include electric, small-sized storage devices such as batteries which are usually installed at the customer’s premise.

Energy Management

Siemens is a leading global supplier of products, systems, solutions and services for safe, reliable and smart transmission, distribution and protection of electrical energy. Our portfolio includes systems for low-, medium- and high-voltage distribution power grids, smart grid and energy automation solutions, power supply for industrial plants, and high-voltage transmission systems.

  • Smart Grid & Microgrids: Siemens’ innovative, reliable Smart Grid technology is applied to enable Microgrids providing full energy situational awareness, distributed control, balancing, and redundancy of generation assets, optionally including islanding to enhance energy security of bases, installations and campuses.
  • High Voltage Products: Our range spans the entire field of high-voltage power transmission: powerful and trendsetting DC transmission systems and innovative reactive power compensation systems for AC grids, complete grid access solutions, air and gas-insulated switchgear, turnkey substations, transformers, and other high-voltage products, such as circuit breakers, surge arresters, disconnects and bushings.
  • Medium Voltage Products: As a leading global supplier for power distribution solutions, our full portfolio of medium voltage power distribution – switchgear, circuit breakers, feeder automation, protection, voltage regulation, and more – also includes smart grid technology, enabling our customers to implement microgrids for enhanced energy security on their bases, installations and campuses.
  • Low Voltage Products: Our broad portfolio comprises building management systems, switchgear, switchboards, busbar trunking, distribution boards, measuring devices, circuit breakers & disconnect switches, circuit protection, switches and socket outlets.
  • Transformers: These span from compact distribution units to large power transformers with ratings over 1000 MVA. Our innovations in use of ‘natural esters’ (in place of mineral oil insulating fluid) help customers protect environmentally sensitive locations over decades of operation.

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