Maritime Products and Solutions

Navy applications place the most exacting demands on a ship and its crew. The success of any operation relies on coordinated and aligned interaction between all onboard processes. This requires technical systems which are customized to the vessel’s role, combining optimum overall power output with maximum reliability, availability and stability. For over 100 years, Siemens has been fitting out ships for deployment in extreme environments. We offer innovative, reliable and totally-integrated solutions, tailored to the specific needs of all classes of navy surface vessels and submersibles.

Siemens is a leading solutions provider and propulsion system integrator to the maritime industry. We offer complete and integrated “marinized” solutions, from the propulsion and drive system to the generation and distribution of power through to platform automation and control systems. Whether complete turnkey projects, conversions or selective partial upgrades, service, technical support and training – we deliver a seamless service for the entire life span. All systems are of modular design and are based on standardized, reliable components which are available world-wide. Our performance commitment is to provide the efficiency and functionality needed to safeguard our customers’ missions, their personnel and hardware.

Our Marine capabilities include:

  • Automation: We help ensure that our Federal customer’s watercrafts function at maximum efficiency through the use of Siemens’ vessel management and monitoring and control systems. Federal vessels are outfitted with complex components that require superior automation systems to manage and optimize performance of a single ship or fleet. Our products provide key analytics of operating parameters ensuring implementation of best practices that significantly reduce customer costs.
  • Power Distribution: Our customers rely on our scalable, highly efficient, secure, and reliable power distribution systems to function in rugged conditions across the globe. Siemens’ industry leading PEM fuel cell technology provides silent operation, derived from the product’s low acoustic signature. This makes the product an ideal candidate for use on vessels performing in environments that require veiled operation. The PEM fuel cell also allows for dramatically extended dive times when outfitted as an air-independent power supply on submarines.
  • Propulsion: The propulsion system has the greatest influence on performance, security and cost-effectiveness of a vessel. Our Federal customers rely on our propulsion systems to ensure the longevity and sustained performance of their key watercraft. In one notable example, Siemens is fostering innovation within the maritime industry through its BlueDrive PlusC diesel electric propulsion system. This low emission and fuel consumption solution provides battery power as a sole energy source option for the low load conditions and an energy buffer for optimized energy production during peak load conditions.
  • Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS): We provide a broad range of power management, drives, motors, fire alarms, security systems, gearboxes, condition based monitoring and integrated solutions for work boats, ferries, fishing vessels, platform supply vessels, dredges and research vessels that can support the modernization of aging watercraft.

    Our systems and solutions offer:

    • Lower fuel consumption
    • Optimum environmental compatibility
    • More efficient processes
    • Maximum operational security
    • Fail-safe performance and long service life
    • Ease of maintenance and world-wide service
    • Future-proofing and competitiveness

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