Automation Technologies

The Federal Government, in concert with Aerospace & Defense and industry partners, must continually work better and faster, with fewer resources. Fortunately, unprecedented advancements in software are revolutionizing all phases of large-scale manufacturing, from design and production, through a product’s or system’s lifecycle maintenance. Advanced software to model, estimate, optimize, and automate manufacturing – including leveraging 3D printing and additive manufacturing where appropriate – is reducing manufacturing costs, production time and energy usage, while also enabling both greater customization and reduction of lifecycle costs.

The core of our Automation Technologies capability is our Digital Factory, a broad portfolio of solutions and services that help our Federal customers implement digitalization, automation and lifecycle management solutions. This comprehensive set of seamlessly integrated hardware, software and technology-based services improves the flexibility and efficiency of manufacturing and maintenance processes, with the real effects of speeding time to deployment and reducing costs of manufacturing and maintenance.

Our leading-edge Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software suite allows our customers and partners to conceive, design, model, simulate and optimize manufacturability of new products and systems on an entirely virtual basis. Our capabilities are being applied today at leading Aerospace & Defense companies, in Military and Federal Labs, and by Shipbuilders.

Federal customers can also leverage our commercial capabilities to improve datacenter infrastructure management, optimize energy efficiency measures and improve overall energy situational awareness and management. These capabilities also can be applied effectively to complex system or facilities environments to reduce energy usage while providing energy situational awareness and management, enabling the Federal government to drive down its energy use and associated costs.

Using our proven SIMATIC PCS7 automation, motion and process control products (including a variety of PLCs and sensors), and our Teamcenter product/service lifecycle management software, we enable powerful integration and application of customer and supplier data, requirements and processes. These span design, development, manufacturing, and vendor activities. This gives our customers and partners complete digital representations (Digital Thread / Digital Twin) of their products from component parts to full and complex systems: to deliver optimally and sustain reliably their mission capabilities, all the way from concept, design, manufacturing, verification of air/mission worthiness, into sustainment and managed end-of-life.

Siemens PLM Software tailors its product lifecycle management capabilities to deliver a full range of integrated digital environment (IDE) capabilities that help aerospace and defense agencies comply with systems requirements and delivery, optimize resources, and maximize global supply chain effectiveness. Our product suite enables agencies to seamlessly manage a program from concept to disposal, using a single source of knowledge.

For example, Siemens software is supporting space exploration by partnering with United Launch Alliance (ULA, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing) to develop a fully integrated PLM management system that connects and integrates engineering data with users and systems across the enterprise. Siemens’ architecture, software suite, and capabilities implemented at ULA enable significant cost and resource savings while simultaneously improving process and product reliability at the higher production and launch rates required to meet mission needs.

Our complete portfolio of Digitalization and Automation offerings includes:

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